Nadine Coyle - Solo Thread

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Re: Nadine Coyle - Solo Thread

Postby schizophonic_spice » 14 Apr 2012, 15:52

onebigfan wrote:
forever_spice_boy01 wrote:did anyone notice how she was introduced as "Former member of Girls Aloud" LOL

Hey, at least Girls Aloud got a mention on America tv :)

Yeah but unfortunately only to a measley 1.08 million viewers
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Re: Nadine Coyle - Solo Thread

Postby PeteRIGBY » 15 Apr 2012, 19:40

I love all 4 solo albums released by the girls of girls aloud although i have to admit that Nadine's is my least favourite. I think most of the songs are just not good quality compared to Nicola's, Nicola has put a lot of thought into her lyrics (even though some dont make sense ha ha) and have made some decent songs.
If nadine gets the chance to release a 2nd solo record then lets hope its a lot better.
Ironic that i actually think Nadine is the best singer of the group yet her album is a disappointment compared to the other 3.
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