Question for avatar & general

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Question for avatar & general

Postby angelwoolsey » 16 Dec 2015, 04:05

Since I was little I remember the avatar being the most frustrating issue and the primary reason why I stopped coming into the forum. (yes PRIMARY reason) I'm wondering if anyone developed a easier way to upload images or is still the same way? I read the avatar "topic" and didn't find any answers to my questions. I was also wondering if there's a newer Admin who has lots of patience who I can talk to. I've always talked to Admins who seemed like they were annoyed by anything and everything or big bullies who abused their power in the past (that was my personal experience) SO, I'm wondering if after the whole "BULLYING IS WRONG" era, things changed around here. I'll be standing here waiting for the stones to be thrown. :Angel:
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