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Re: Melanie C 98/99/00

Postby kamel » 14 Apr 2017, 01:10

down_with_the_rhythm wrote:Back in 1998 Melanie C was still the Sporty Spice we knew & loved - her imagine through the first couple of Spice years was always very slim & toned with long dark hair.

Then as we know after the release of ''Goodbye'' Melanie B & Victoria went on to have the baby's & Melanie C began working on ''Northen Star'', by the June of 1999 Melanie went blonde & then gradually over the next few weeks cut her hair shorter & shorter. She began to look totally different to how she looked as a ''Spice Girl''

Early 2000 she started to bulk out & gain some weight - so much by then by the end of that year she looked completely different to how she looked during the ''Spice World Tour'' which had taken place only 2 years earlier.

We went on to find out that Melanie suffered a lot with depression & she wasn't taking care of herself proper during the Spice Girls crazy years. Do we know when exactly she had the depression/breakdown?? Was it 98,99,00?? ... Or was it in 2001 when she went quiet & started work on her 2nd album?

I'm just curios to know when it was her troubles began - I'd assume Summer 1999 is when it kinda all started with her drastic image change from the pretty, fit, loved Sporty Spice image to then the punk, hard, tough image then appeared during the beginning of her Solo career.

She said the spice girls made her depressed or something like like that,she was bullied during that time by Mel B and her insecurities started when she met them

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