Looking for two old clips (1 audio, 1 video) from '00 & '01

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Looking for two old clips (1 audio, 1 video) from '00 & '01

Postby SomeonesBaby » 12 Jun 2017, 20:59

Hello all. I have searched to no avail for two clips. One audio, one video:

The first is, I believe, from the 'C3' site in 2001. The video takes place on Valentine's Day and Melanie says "I'm in Slovenia on the first night of my tour" and something about having all of us as her Valentines, and that she'll be "thinking of you all because I'm gonna be alone tonight".

The next is an audio clip from a radio interview when ITTY went to number one. The host was male, and Melanie C was more-that-likely drunk saying "I is noomba 1" and laughing "noomba 1, noomba 1"

Sorry for these weird cravings to have these clips again. If anyone can help, I'm very grateful.


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