If you could only have ONE Victoria album!

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If you could only have ONE Victoria album!

Postby Fenrik » 07 Jan 2017, 21:27

You are only allowed to own ONE Victoria album! Which tracks would you include?
It can be everything from her catalogue. Including remixes, demos, live versions, leaks etc)

The standard edition will only have 12 tracks. You may also create a deluxe edition with 4 different tracks.
And if you really want to include just one more track, you may also create a Japanese edition with one extra track :D

You also need a name for the album. And for fun, which one´s would be singles (max 5)?

If you create singles, you might include two extra tracks on each as B-sides. ;)

Now get to work!
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Re: If you could only have ONE Victoria album!

Postby rusty_nail » 08 Jan 2017, 05:05



1. Not Such An Innocent Girl
2. Generate the Flow
3. So Cold
4. My Love is For Real
5. Like That
6. This Groove
7. Resentment
8. Should Have Known Better
9. I Wish
10. IOU
11. I'd Give It All Away
12. Out of Your Mind


1. Not Such an Innocent Girl (sue me...I've always liked it...and it's always struck me as the most obvious first single option)
2. I Wish
3. My Love is For Real
4. So Cold
5. Resentment/Should Have Known Better

A few thoughts. One, I've never understood why the better Come Together tracks couldn't be on the same album with the Open Your Eyes stuff. They're not *that* different. Why was it all one way or the other? She needed to toss utter garbage like That Dude and Valentines Day, anyway (...does anybody like those?) Barring the ones I included in the album, most of the Come Together sessions are not flattering to V's voice.

Two, I guess I like So Cold more than most? In reality, it wasn't even going to make Come Together. So. What do I know, I guess. I love it...and find myself humming it often.
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Re: If you could only have ONE Victoria album!

Postby Amaranthine18 » 08 Jan 2017, 05:54

Album Title "Style"

1. Out Of Your Mind
2. A Mind of Its Own
3. Girlfriend
4. I.O.U.
5. I Wish
6. Unconditional Love
7. Every Part Of Me
8. This Groove
9. Let Your Head Go
10. In Your Dreams
11. Always Be My Baby
12. Open Your Eyes


13. Cant Get Enough Of DJ
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Re: If you could only have ONE Victoria album!

Postby TeddyBear » 10 Jan 2017, 19:22

but... she does only have one album *officially* :laugh:

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