Geri on being solo & being a Spice Girl.

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Geri on being solo & being a Spice Girl.

Postby icecream » 30 Jun 2017, 03:51

Years back when Geri was on the Jonathan Ross show she said she preferred being solo 2004.
She said she don't think she can cope with four other people etc.

But who would thought three years later they would reunite. Which is amazing but of course she then started saying prefers to be in a group than solo.
Being in a group is better.

So I'm just thinking was she just saying that, as she's not big solo anymore or did her management tell her to say she's likes being solo better at the time because she was purely solo artist at that time?

Also does anyone know what year it was Geri repaired her friendship with the spice girls to reunite?
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Re: Geri on being solo & being a Spice Girl.

Postby Bubble_Butt » 30 Jun 2017, 09:21

The Spice Girls haven't given us a consistent answer since "Get well soon, Geri!" That was the beginning of it. And we've been fed clichés and mistruths to suit each of their own personal circumstances ar any given moment.
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Re: Geri on being solo & being a Spice Girl.

Postby PeruvianSpice » 30 Jun 2017, 18:15

I wouldn't say they were lies but just how they all felt at that particular time.

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